Great Gifts for a New Homeowner or Newlyweds


Of the many milestones in life, marriage and buying a new home are pretty high up there in importance. The way that society views being married or owning a home is with a sense of credibility, or authority. If you complete these steps in life you are somehow more adult than others, more of a reputable contribution to the system. I believe in both ideas and think that marriage and buying a home are in many cases a great move in life. However, there is something about the necessity of it that bothers me. Even though I am bothered by the requirement to participate in this pattern, I have many friends who have recently purchased their first house, or gotten married. Therefore, I have had to attend numerous parties and gatherings celebrating the accomplishment of others for this type of thing. Every time I am invited to one of these events, my heart sinks a little bit thinking about the need to go shopping for a gift of some kind. Whether it be a housewarming, engagement party, wedding reception, or new birth, I always struggle to find something that is appropriate, meaningful, and valuable to them in some way. I hate to give cliché gifts, although sometimes this is required, so I tend to look for gifts that are unique. If you have an event coming up and need a great gift idea, keep reading!

The Gift of Money

Ok, so this one may be kind of cliché even though I said I did not like to do that, but who doesn’t appreciate money? Especially after they have spent so much of it on a home, wedding, or new kid. I promise they will appreciate it. If you feel uncomfortable giving straight up cash, you can always opt for a Visa gift card or something along those lines, that way they can enjoy it wherever they want. Test or Membership

If you are going to be taking big steps in your life like buying a new home or getting married, chances are you are starting to feel ready to lay down some roots. Purchasing a home is a big indicator that you are ready to settle down, mark your spot, and have a place to call your own. Anyone who is in this state of mind or phase in their life, is probably likely to want some sort of idea of where they came from. The best way to do this is to join You can purchase a straight up DNA test for a single fee, or you can become a member for a monthly fee. The membership allows you to enjoy more resources and information than just the DNA test, but either one can be a really interesting experience. My siblings and I purchased one for both my parents a few years ago. The results were so interesting that my mother has requested that we gift her a membership next holiday so that she can learn more about our family’s history. There were definitely some surprises that come up in the test on her side.